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Ardmore 21 Year Old, Oloroso Sherry Finish 53.5%


This Speyside whisky offers a harmonious blend of fruity sweetness, spice, and subtle peat smoke, showcasing the complexity and diversity of flavours characteristic of the region. The interplay between the pronounced stone fruit, spicy elements, and gentle peat notes makes for an intriguing and memorable whisky experience.   Tasting Notes:  Nose : pronounced stone fruit - especially apricots (almost an apricot jam!). Spice of white pepper and that smell of butter on over-cooked toast. A gentle note of peat.  Palate: A lush tangy fruit juice tempered with bitter orange and smoke. Cappuccino and fudge next to bonfire. Finish: The peat starts strong but fades into a fruity green grass close. Cask Number : 288 Region - Speyside 

Auchroisk 12 Year Old, Amontillado Finish 56.7%


This Speyside whisky offers a delightful combination of sweetness, nuttiness, and fruity flavors, along with a hint of woodiness, making it a pleasant and inviting choice for whisky enthusiasts seeking warmth and comfort in their drams. Perfect for savoring in good company.    Auld Goonsy Says : this is like the warmth of sitting in your favourite snug with a warming toddy and good company Tasting Notes:  Nose – Butterscotch, honey, ginger snap. Palate – Cherry, cream, almond biscuit. Finish – Chocolate orange, new wood, honey nut. Cask Number : 809256   Region - Speyside  

Auchroisk 13 Year Old, Cask Strength 54.5%


A limited edition Speyside single cask from Auld Goonsy’s Malt with only 258 bottles produced and finished in a first fill Port Hogshead for the last year.Auld Goonsy says : This is like a visit to your favourite sweet shop and eating the best quality candy.Tasting Notes:Nose : Toffee Apple, Ginger and GrapePalate : Malty, Orange & RaisinsFinish : Almond, Praline and BiscuitySpeyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Cask Number #812965, Distilled 7th September 2009.   

Blair Athol 9 Year Old, Oloroso Finish 57.7%


Introducing Blair Athol 9 Year Old Whisky, an exceptional expression finished in Oloroso sherry casks and bottled at cask strength, delivering great depth of flavour and complexity.   Auld Goonsy Says : This is like a good porridge drizzled in honey on a winter’s morning   Tasting Notes: Nose : Green Apple, Gentle Spice and CinnamonPalate : Creamy, Cereal and RaisinsFinish : Buttercream, Dried Fruits and Hints of Black Pepper Cask Number : 306579 Region – Highland  

Caol Ila 9 Year Old, Amontillado Finish 58.4%


A captivating expression of Islay malt whisky that captures the essence of the rugged coastlines and rich maritime heritage of the region. Crafted with precision and aged to perfection, this remarkable spirit offers a sensory journey like no other.   Auld Goonsy Says : This Islay malt is like standing by the sea, breathing in the salt air and smelling freshly baked bread.   Tasting Notes: Nose : Pipe Smoke, Meaty and Nutty Palate : Creamy, Subtle Smokiness and Dark Chocolate Finish : Sweet, Peppery with Roasted Chestnuts Cask Number : 319941 Region – Islay  

Concept 8 Blended Malt, 8 Year Old 40.8%


This release of Concept 8 is a blended malt Scotch whisky carefully crafted from four single malts sourced from the Highland, Speyside, and Islay regions of Scotland. The influence of Islay is particularly prominent in this expression, adding a distinctive smokey character to the dram. This is a testament to the artistry of blending, combining the distinct characteristics of single malts from different regions to create a harmonious and memorable whisky experience. Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, it promises to captivate the senses and evoke the spirit of Scotland's diverse whisky landscape.   Tasting Notes:  Nose:  The immediate presence of peat unfolds, characterised by its sweet and fragrant nature. The smokiness, reminiscent of a gentle Cuban cigar, gracefully accompanies the peat. Subtle notes of apricot, rum, and raisins emerge, harmonising with a distinct red berry accent.   Palate: Mouth-watering and sumptuous peat takes centre stage. The red berry note persists, accompanied by a lively cranberry bite, adding a delightful complexity to the overall tasting experience.   Finish: It imparts a warming and comforting sensation with lingering red berry notes.  

Dailuaine 9 Year Old, Oloroso Finish, Cask Strength 57.8%


Dailuaine 9 Year Old, Oloroso Finish, Cask Strength 57.8%, invites you to savour the complexities and nuances that come from its additional maturation journey in an Oloroso sherry cask. This expression is a celebration of the artistry of whisky making. Raise a glass to the extraordinary and relish in the distinct charm of this remarkable whisky. Cheers to moments of indulgence and discovery.   Auld Goonsy says : this is the delights of a malty tasting whisky and the surprise of your favourite fresh and sweet fruits.   Tasting Notes: Nose : Buttery, Grassy, Lemon and CitrusPalate : Malty, Stem Ginger and Citrus NotesFinish : Dried Fruit, Sweet Tea and Candy Apple Cask Number : 324399 Region – Speyside

Inchgower 12 Year Old, Oloroso Sherry Finish 58.2%


This Speyside whisky, with its intense and rich flavours, offers a journey of discovery with each sip. The combination of fruity sweetness, spice, and subtle maritime influence creates a memorable tasting experience that reflects the character of the region.   Tasting Notes:  Nose : burnt honey, barley sugar sweets, very rich and intriguing. Maraschino cherries burning on a bonfire or red apple skin next to a rich cigar smoke   Palate : malty rich with an intensity of dark red berries. Real touches of cherry and cranberry with a little spice   Finish : more spice but with a salt-sea note right at the end... really uplifting   Cask Number : 805695   Region - Speyside  

Invergordon 35 Year Old, Oloroso Sherry Finish 63.6%


This Highland whisky showcases a bold and robust character, with a complex interplay of sweet and bitter flavours. The intensity and depth of this whisky demands attention and rewards exploration, making it a memorable addition to any whisky enthusiast's collection.   Tasting Notes:  Nose : treacle toffee, brown sugar, warming spice - cinnamon with a heat of turmeric. Sweet coffee - like a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.   Palate : Bang! Expressively rich and powerful - reaches parts of your mouth even mouthwash cant! Lovely repeat of the flavours from the nose of coffee, burnt sugar, marshmallows just a touch too long on the fire and dark chocolate. Don't let the notes of sweetness get to much as there is still a bitter note to balance them out.   Finish - Expressively rich and powerful, with notes of sweetness and a bitter note to balance them out.   Cask Number : 104477   Region - Highland  

Jura 30 Year Old, Cask Strength 42.2% ABV


This Jura 30 Year Old, is an extraordinary whisky that embodies the epitome of sophistication and refinement. Bottled at a dignified cask strength of 42.2%, this expression promises a rare and enchanting journey through time.   Auld Goonsy says : This is as smooth as creamy milk chocolate or a favourite baked biscuit with a surprise filling.   Tasting Notes: Nose : Butterscotch, Honeysuckle, Vanilla FudgePalate : Notes of Pear, Melon, Baked Apple and Tropical FruitFinish : Green Apple, Almond, Vanilla Custard Cask Number : 5486 Region – Highland